Comprehensive Midwifery Care

We practice midwifery in an attentive, individualized and unhurried fashion because you are the center of our care.  Each visit together you'll have the opportunity to ask and receive answers to your questions as well as voice your concerns and needs to ensure that you are receiving the very best care possible. 

We incorporate several modalities of healing in our care.  From nutritional support to herbal remedies as well as referrals for prescription medications. We understand that often times exercise, nutritional modifications, body work, herbal medicine, rest and relaxation can treat most minor discomforts in pregnancy. However, we also believe in the importance of medications and antibiotics when they are needed.

Our priority is to provide our clients with the education and information necessary to confidently choose how to care for their body.   An ultimately, meet our clients where they're at to provide the best care possible.


Prenatal Care 

Prenatal care is the foundation for the a healthy birth and beginning of life, not just for the routine check-ups, but for the relationship of trust and support we build around your childbearing year.  We focus on evidence-based practice, education and informed decision making and we know that the better you understand your options, the prepared you are to make the best decisions for you.  

We follow the routine medical schedule of an appointment every 4 weeks until 30-32 weeks of pregnancy, followed by every 2 weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy, and then weekly until we meet your baby!

Starting at 41 weeks, we offer referrals for increased fetal surveillance, as this is the medical standard once a woman has gone more than a week past her due date.  

Labor and Birth 

As you reach your final weeks of pregnancy you will have grown a close relationship with your midwives, gained knowledge and skill to move through labor and the birth of your baby.  Your midwives will be in phone contact with you to help support you during early labor and to help you decide when the right time is for us to arrive at your home.  We often check in periodically in early labor to see that everyone is doing well and to provide a little guidance to move through labor effectively.  Once labor finds a strong, active pattern we'll return to provide continuous support.  In active labor we practice intermittent fetal monitoring by listening to fetal heart tones every 15-30 minutes in active labor and ever 5 minutes during pushing.

Once baby is born, we perform a thorough newborn exam and will stay with you for 3-4 hours to monitor your immediate postpartum transition.  We will continue to be on call for your postpartum needs through the first week as your new family works out the kinks in feeding, sleeping and recovering from birth.

What safety equipment do we bring to births?

  • Handheld doppler to carefully monitor fetal heart tones
  • Vitals equipment 
  • IV fluids and equipment with ability to administer IV penicillin for GBS prophylaxis
  • Medications to control postpartum bleeding or manage placental delivery
  • Oxygen with masks
  • Newborn resuscitation equipment
  • Suturing equipment and Lidocaine


Postpartum Care 


Our postpartum care covers all aspects of care for you and your baby from birth through six weeks postpartum.  We provide 5 in-home postpartum visits at 24 hours, 3 days, 1 , 2 and 6 weeks after your baby's birth.

We monitor the healthy and growth of your baby at each postpartum appointment by taking vital assessments, evaluation of feeding, elimination, and weight gain.  Lactation support is well integrated into your postpartum care.  These visits also provide the opportunity to review your birth experience and to monitor physical and emotional recovery.